Ashe Edit

Ashe Eden Mounce or just "Ashe", is the self insert and original character of Neri-chu. Though generally not too strange, he tends to stand out whether it be through height, misc. features, or unbridled enthusiasm.

As of now, he is not in any active story, but is planned to be used in one.

Appearance Edit

He's tall and chubby, with thick black fur that is curly and messy. He wears black glasses that are strapped around his head, along with a vest and black short sleeved shirt. The vest is white with a black triangle in the middle. He has a generally large build, with big cheeks and thick limbs, along with ears that fold inwards at the bottom, making a somewhat v-shape. His still face can make him seem somewhat distant or moody (but really he's just thinking about some trashy romance novels or food). He has a small indent in his left eyebrow.

Personality Edit

At the core of Ashe is a raposa who wants to give more than take. He means well, and does his best to avoid troubling others when it can be helped. Despite having nervous and depressive tendencies, he does his best to stay optimistic. This, paired with very strong emotions tends to lead to some confusion for even himself on what he feels. He's somewhat smart, going from casual babble to long-winded rants when he is prompted with the right topic.

Background Edit