drawn by Ash

Bay is a raposa character created by user:Architect-visionary.


Bay is a tall raposa. She has reddish-brown fur, with short hair the same color as her fur with side-swept bangs and neatly trimmed whiskers. The fur on her arms, legs and ears is black. Her right arm is covered in shadow goo, forming a giant monster arm.

Bay wears traveler's clothes and a large cloak to conceal her shadow arm.


Bay is part of an alternate universe (AU) where, due to many natural disasters and the feeling that they had been abandoned by the Creator, some raposa supported Wilfre drawing in the Book of Life and allowed him to take over the village, which is now covered in shadow. The mayor and the other raposa who opposed Wilfre were exiled from the village.

Bay is a traveler making a pilgrimage to the first village, where the Eternal Flame is. She used to live with her family on a small farm. Years before, her right arm was wounded in an accident and the muscle torn, making her arm very weak. With recent droughts causing their farm to suffer, Bay decided to go on a pilgrimage, with her parents' support.

When Bay arrives at the village, the community is in turmoil. Wilfre is convincing villagers to support him drawing in the Book of Life, saying that the natural disasters are a sign that the Creator has abandoned them. Unwittingly, Bay fuels Wilfre's argument, recounting that many places she had passed had experienced earthquakes, storms and floods.

Wilfre goes ahead with his plan, creating the shadows, but he is not run out of the village. He confides in Bay his plan to kill any raposa who oppose him, including the mayor. Horrified, Bay warns the mayor but Wilfre catches them as they try to leave. He curses Bay with an arm made of shadow and exiles them all.

Bay's shadow arm hurts her at first and seems to have a mind of its own but eventually she learns to control it. She continues to travel, hiding her arm under her cloak. Years later, she returns to the exiles' village and meets a young girl full of hope named Mari.

WIP, but long story short Bay and the other raposa take back the village and she impales Wilfre on her arm


  • Bay is a name for the color of a horse with a reddish-brown body and black mane, ears, legs, and tail. Her parents are not very creative
  • Bay is also another name for the laurel tree.
  • Bay was previously called Beio but I changed her name.

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