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Welcome. This is not a wiki. This is a Universe. The outer stars are in the sky and many materials lie around. Allow me to show u this Universe. It is a Drawn To Life Universe. Inside is a big big planet. This planet was drawn to life by The Creator using the Book Of Life. And it is inhabited by friendly little creatures named Raposa. They live together in their peaceful village and are about to live out a story. Where they will be possessed by Darkness and The Creator shall abandon them. There have been many tales of this. The Creator soon returned to the village in order to save the Raposa from the Darkness. So a tale lived out from that day. Ok yes this tale is about to begin. Two romantic Raposa will live a romantic life, a Hero shall rise on a quest, and many Raposa shall die. That is this tale. Which is about to occur for the five thousandth time in any Universe. Except this time...........


This tale which is about to occur is now YOUR tale. This tale is now WHATEVER YOU WANT. You can do whatever you want with this tale and make it anything you like. There is no limits! Just use your imagination and create whatever you want using an already sketched out Univverse. Sure the tale of Dtl will begin but its yours now. Ignore the officical canon tale. Its your turn.

Perhaps no Hero comes, maybe The Creator never returns to the village, maybe even Crazy Barks will be the Creation Hero or perhaps Mari might never exist...

You Are Incharge Of This World. And Its All For You. Now do whatever you want beginning your journey as the writer. LETS ROCK N ROLL.

The Raposa Are Now Your Chracters And Nobody Else's. HERE WE GO!


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