The Drawn To Life Wiki RP is a story about the Drawn To Life Series written by fans and played out on the Drawn To Life Wiki's Chat Feature by RPers. While it is uncanon it is the official sequel to the series until another update is released by professional publishers of the games.

Story Edit

After the events of Drawn To Life The Next Chapter (2009) Wilfre escaped the end of the world as Mike woke up by using a Teleportation Rod device to exit the Raposa World. He took with him a Shadowbat Female by the name of Joy who is one of his best soldiers. Joy agreed to do Wilfre's bidding and be his servant.

Wilfre decided to avenge himself by killing every survivor the Raposa World with the ambishion to rid reality of them. He strapped the dead Raposa Villagers into a Prison Torchure room where they get torchured non stop for as long as they are dead. Wilfre assumes this will be forever as dead people cannot come back to life.

Mari, Jowee and Circi strangely are not dead and manage to sneak their way out of the village before it becomes extinct. They arrive in the Real World and locate Mike and Heather. The two who are now homeless allow the trio to explore and travel with them. They locate a place to stay which they name The Base but do not give out locations to avoid any trouble.

Joy who was watching this from a distance reports it to Wilfre. Wilfre soon gives Joy the job of kidnapping the Raposa and giving them to him so he may kill them.

The group of five stay hidden and unfound with however no food, no water and no entertainment. They simply spend their entire days doing nothing inside a unfound shelter.

This annoys Joy who takes it upon herself to locate them without any success. She soon speaks to the mayor of the village they are in and unleashes the Shadow Army into the village to search for them. Joy makes an agreement with the mayor that the Shadow Army will destroy the village until the five are found. And that when the five are found the Shadow Army will leave the village with Mari, Jowee, Heather, Mike and Circi as hostages. The Mayor sends men to locate the Raposa with the shadows in order to make them leave as soon as possible.

Wilfre eventually decides to destroy the entire village as the team of fire are there and if the town is destroyed then they will die as well due to the fact they are stationed in it. He kidnaps two Drawn to life Wiki editors named The Mega Lettuce and TemporalApparation who oftenly argue about the wiki's development. Joy locks them both in a cage so that they argue and their argument will be so bad it will destroy the village. This unexpectedly but surely works and the entire planet is merely destroyed. Mari discovers an escape tunnel with Jowee but however the other three members are not with them at the time. Mari sends Jowee to look for Heather, Mike and Circi and bring them to the escape tunnel. While the three of them are safe Jowee on the way back is captured by Joy and the Shadow Army and teleported to Wilfre's Ship. Heather and Mike escape leaving Mari unsure of what to do as she doesn't want to leave Jowee behind. The Escape Tunnel blocks itself and Mari is left is a nearly destroyed village. Circi rescues Mari using a teleportation rod of her own and teleports into Wilfre's Ship in space away from the Earth which soon blows up due to The Mega Lettuce and TemporalApparation's yelling.

Circi and Mari decide to exit Wilfre's Ship before they are found. Circi bashes into Joy and she teleports her to the Ship's Airlock where Jowee currently is. Where as Mari runs for an entire day until captured and held hostage by Wilfre. Circi and Jowee are thrown of the ship and suffocate in Space causing them to die. This greatly disturbs Joy who then realizes what she is doing is wrong. She attempts to convince Wilfre to spare Mari until she is threatened to death unless Mari dies.

Mari is thrown off the Airlock but however saved by Mike and Heather who escaped onto their own rocket in order to get away from the Earth.

Mike suggests stopping Wilfre and saving the Raposa stuck inside his torchure room but Heather disagrees claiming that it is "too dangerous" leaving Mike and Mari to work alone. The two use their rod to teleport onto Wilfre's Ship and run to the Prison room. Mari is caught by Joy where as Mike has a lucky escape thanks to his Teleportation Rod. And he arrives in a destroyed island.

The Creator sends Drew to the island and he assists Mike making him better. Joy who is left on the island to consider what to do next in order to capture Mike and Heather soon meets them. Drew gladly greets Joy.

Drew gives Joy bravery to betray Wilfre and help him and Mike save the Raposa. Mike explains that Mari is at risk and the trio decide to save her.

Mike uses his teleportation Rod to enter Wilfre's ship and tries to save Mari. Until he thrown into a Prison Cell with her.

Drew soon attempts to kill Wilfre but dies in his attempt. Joy is brutely injured but manages to steal a Rocket and escape the Ship. Mike and Mari are thrown off the ship and die along with Drew.

Heather weeps over betraying her friends and takes it upon herself to hide from Wilfre.

The Creator speaks to Joy in a dream telling her to locate the Dreacher an ancient artifact that is able to bring Drew back from a dead. He explains they are found at the very end of Space and she must go there find it and bring Drew back so that he can free the Raposa from Wilfre's Torchure Room.

Drew's Ghost witnesses Heather crying and decides to tell Joy to look for Heather and take her on the search for the dreacher along the way. Heather is alerted this by Drew and after many days of travelling Joy reaches Heather and stays on the Ship with her.

Joy and Heather spend many weeks on the ship doing nothing while their ship is being driven by The Creator to the planet where the Dreacher is.

One night when Heather is asleep Joy finds a Baki on the ship named Josh who she attempts to eat. Josh however gets away and hides. Drew's Ghost tells Joy to spare the Baki and allow it to travel with them to find the Dreacher.

Heather who is afraid of the Baki hides from it as Joy looks after Josh as a sort of pet. Joy and Josh play together and become close friends.

Eventually the Ship arrives at the planet where the Dreacher is and Joy, Heather and Baki run onto it to locate the artifact.

They discover a temple which they believe the Dreacher is inside of.

Wilfre who reacts to this angrily sends his shadow army to the temple in order to steal the Dreacher so that Joy cannot use it to bring back Drew.

Crazy Barks who has been hiding in the temple all along attempts to kill Joy as he misunderstands that she is a good Shadowbat. Until Heather explains causing Crazy Barks to apologize and become friends with Joy.

Heather and Crazy Barks decide to stop the Shadows while Joy and Baki search for the Dreacher. Using Baki's sense of smell Josh locates the Dreacher and gives it to Joy. Soon they locate Heather and Crazy Barks deciding to then leave the Temple.

Wilfre shuts down the doors to the temple resulting in a panic attack coming across the quad. Joy locates another way out and takes them all into a elevator to eject them from the temple. Heather is kindapped by a Shadow Walker and placed into a Cell. While Wilfre sneaks on a Crazy Barks mask to deceive Joy to allow Wilfre in the elevator to halt their escape. Josh manages to escape and enters the Ship while Joy is also put into a cell.

When Heather escapes she comes across Joy crying who still has the Dreacher and decides to save her. Heather rescues Joy and the real Crazy Barks and they all go back to the Ship.

The Dreacher is used to bring Drew back. The team then await orders from The Creator.

The Creator explains that because of The Shadow Creatures they are unable to free the Raposa as the Gate blocking the Prisoner room is made out of Shadow. Which can only be destroyed by breaking the Shadow Power Source on the ship which gives life to all Shadows. Heather points out that doing this however will result in Joy dying as well. Joy decides to take the risk and lets them destroy it.

The Creator explains that Heather and Josh must sneak the villagers onto the Ship while Drew goes to Wilfre and kills him.

The Creator draws a parrellel planet to the Raposa's and decides to put all the Raposa on there when they are saved from Wilfre.

Joy and Drew go onto the Ship and fights the Shadow Power Source which reveals to be alive and attempts to kill them both.

Josh's senses of smell finds the Raposa imprisoned and he and Heather wait there until the gate comes down so that they can get the Raposa onto the ship and take them to their new world. Joy destroys the Power Source herself and dies smiling knowing she did the right thing. While Drew gathers his sword and runs to Wilfre.

The Shadow Gate is taken down and the Raposa go inside the Ship to begin a journey to their new world and inhabit it. The Raposa are stationed on the planet by Heather and Josh lives there as well. Heather then decides to assist Drew in the fight and uses the ship alone to get back to Wilfre and help Drew.

Wilfre who sees this coming brings Joy back to life and hypnotizes her to kill Heather when she is on the ship. This works and Heather dies onboard the ship and her corpse is thrown into Space.

Drew rids Wilfre's Shadow and the real Wilfre is unleashed. Wilfre turns out to be a kind hearted Raposa who was just possessed by the Darkness. The Creator takes Wilfre's Ship to the planet which allows Drew, Wilfre and Joy to go back to the world.

The Creator then introduces equalilents of heaven and hell in the Raposa World. And he begins to judge the dead.

Circi is judged and sent to Raposa Hell which upsets Wilfre who runs back into the Creation Hall and begins to draw in the Book Of Life. Drew attempts to stop him until he is attatched to the wall by Wilfre who tries to kill him.

The Creator turns up at the last minute killing Wilfre to rescue Drew and Wilfre too is sent to Raposa Hell.

Mike comes back to life for unknown reasons and enters the Raposa Village's forest. There he alerts Joy that the Raposa World is still his dream and that he is about to wake up. He has however got a Teleportation Rod to save Drew's life taking him to the Real World with himself.

Joy gets scared and decides to teleport with them taking Josh as well. The team end up in Mike's hospital but are faced with the challenge of getting out before any doctors see them. Joy takes Josh through the window and Drew escapes. Mike walks out casually and the team enter the town they are in.

Mike reveals that his town is poor and that they will have to work hard to survive inside it. Mike guides them up a hill where a cave resides and the team decide to call it Shelter. Night comes and rain pours from the sky causing the team to sleep for the night.

The next day Joy locates a river across the mountain where she suggests they can use for water. Mike points out that they do not have access to clean drinking water. Drew suggests creating a filter to turn the water into drinkable safe water. And then sets out to build it. Joy looks out for food.

Joy is able to find and catch fish for food, but it is needed to be cooked to be edible for every one else, Joy instructs Mike and Josh to find birds' nests to use for a fire, though they try to steal an eagle's nest that was being used, luckily, Joy was able to help them escape, and returned the nest to the eagles.

Drew creates a filter to adapt the river water into drinking water. While Mike creates an oven to cook food inside. Joy hunts for many animals as Mike cooks them inside the oven.

Jowee attempts to murder Drew to his surprise believing Jowee was dead and the Raposa runs away. Drew and Mike attempt to locate Jowee and bring him to the cave but are soon trapped inside the equilavent to Deadwood in the Real World. Mike is trapped inside a pool which is in the tree and Drew is placed inside a cage causing him to suffocate. Heather surprisingly comes in and rescues the duo using a Slinger but leaves the tree and is not seen again.

Wilfre finds a way to make Joy evil again and decides to hunt her down. A Shadowbird takes her to him and he pretends she is ill in order to make her friends go against her. Wilfre uses a possessive tablet pretending it is "Medicine" for her illness which causes her to be good in order to trick her.

Joy is possessed by the tablet until Mike frees her which however causes Joy to have low self confidence being deluded to think she is really evil.

Wilfre threatens Joy to get Drew and Mike out of the town or else he will kill her. In fright Joy gathers the team and moves to the Mountains outside the village.

The crew settle in the insides of the mountain as a replacement for the cave.

Jowee soon kidnaps Joy and locks her in a cave which he personally owns while he lives in the world they're in. Jowee cuts Joy's wings off in order to kill her until she is rescued and brought home by Mike.

During a stroll Joy is however captured and murdered by Heather.

Joy goes into an office with Wilfre on an armchair who says to her "Welcome To Heaven". Wilfre tricks Joy to make her think she is in Heaven. Until he admits that really she is in Raposa Heaven which he has corrupted. And whoever goes there is turned into an evil Shadow. Wilfre intends to make as many people go there as possible and then create an army to destroy the village Mike and Joy just left.

When Mike woke up all the Raposa died resulting in them going there so they were all turned into evil Shadows which is why they attempted to murder Drew. Joy is turned evil and paired with Heather to do missions.

Joy murders Mike inside a Cave and then contacts Drew saying to meet her there. Joy secretly plans to kill him.

Mike who reveals to have not really dead alarms Drew and the two escape the Cave and arrive back on the mountains. Joy tries again to murder Mike who however uses the Dreacher to bring her back to life. This results her in being good again as the reason she was evil is because she was dead.

Mike and Joy soon discover that Wilfre is planning to kill Drew so that he is sent to the Heaven Wilfre is in and turned a soldier in their army. Mike and Joy decide to hide Drew somewhere Wilfre wont find him. They decide to hide him in the center of the mountains which is secure and hidden.

Joy discovers that Mari was inside this Cave hiding from the outside Shadows. Mari draws as sword and attempts to murder Joy believing she is evil. Joy tries to alert Mari that she is a good Shaodwbat but fails by explaining Jowee is evil which Mari does not believe due to her faith in Jowee. Jowee himself soon enters the Core of the mountain as Joy knocks out Mari for self defense.

Jowee feels bad about letting Mari's trust down although Joy comforts him explaining that he can regain the trust and that she will help him to.

Joy and Jowee lock Drew and Mari somewhere in the core which only they know exists so that The Shadows are unable to get him.

Jowee then sends Joy out to discover Wilfre's Plans by being a Spy pretending she is evil while he looks after Drew and Mari.

Joy heads out and learns that everyone who dies in the Raposa World is sent to Wilfre's Fake Afterlife. There they are turned into Shadows and become evil. Now that Mike has woken up all the Raposa are there and have become evil. Wilfre has lined them up into an army of Shadows and intends to send them loose on the Human Village where Mike lived in order to destroy it.

Joy experiences being paired with Heather and sent on a mission to murder Drew but however puts a stop to it by knocking Heather out.

Joy returns to Jowee and tells him their plan. The duo then head out with Josh to alert the Human Village of the Raposa invasion. This however ends badly resulting in the Mayor demanding a war on the invading Shadows in order to save their town.

Jowee and Joy are then faced with the decision of either saving the Humans or the Raposa. Joy insists they save both and so they work day and night to find a method to do so. While they find a way to kill the Raposa and save the Humans Jowee doesn't do this idea due to the fact the Raposa are his race and he doesn't want them to die.

The duo run out of time and the battle begins. The Raposa Shadows succeed and destroy the town. Wilfre then places another possessive tablet into Joy pretending again that it is medicine for her disorder of being good.

Joy yet again falls for Wilfre's trick and believes it is actually medicine losing her self confidence. Jowee attempts to regain it but fails resulting in a depression falling over Joy.

The Shadows soon end up smashing up all the places around them. Mike rescues the duo bringing them to the core by using a Rod. They then decide to leave the realm they are in and head to the next one for safety.

Jowee unlocks Drew and Mari while Drew is asleep and Mari awake. Mari apologises to Joy for attempting to kill her and is forgiven. The team then head into the next realm by using a gigantic gate.

The team soon find a Temple in the shape of a house hidden behind trees. They settle down and shelter there until Drew wakes up.

One night as Drew is sleeping Heather sneaks in and has an attempt to steal Drew taking him to Wilfre so he can kill him but is however stopped by Joy. Josh is then stolen in Drew's place and Heather runs away with Josh. Joy intends to save him but Jowee insists that she doesn't risk her life as its not worth the risk.

Jowee's argument is that Josh is just a Baki and his life is not worth as much as the others and by going off to find Baki they are risking the others life so they shouldn't risk everyone's lives for one especially since it belongs to a "Stupid Baki". Joy then argues back stating that everyone in the team is equal and that Josh is a friend who they shouldn't let die. Jowee reluctantly allows Joy to go after him until she is put into a boiling hot oven by Wilfre who intends to burn her to death. Josh eats a possessive tablet resulting in his death. Jowee however runs in at the last minute to rescue Joy and take her back to the hut. Jowee claims that he was right about the argument to Joy's disgust.

Soon Shadow Walkers surround the hut and burn it down. Mike is possessed as Joy quickly grabs Drew to save him. Mari runs to the others.

Mike is captured while Joy, Drew, Jowee, and Mari teleport using a random button on the Teleportation Rod.

They find themselves in an ice cold frosty cave. And are soon confronted by Frostwind. By speaking in Shadow language Joy convinces Frostwind to give up on wrongdoing and be good. Who then agrees.

The team shelter in Frostwind's Cave for safety.

Josh returns to them as he was rescued by his trusty Lamp who protects him. The team soon plan to free Mike from Wilfre.

Mari dies and is sent to Wilfre's Fake Afterlife becoming a Shadow. Numbers decrease until only Jowee, Drew, Joy, Josh and his lamp are left.

Using the Dreacher the team bring Mike back to life. He however has lost a part of his brain which tells him how to stop Wilfre and free the Raposa without hurting the Humans. He sends Joy and Jowee into his mind in order to repower it. Jowee however accidently breaks the part they need and Mike turns into a Baby. The two exit the body and Wilfre's Shadow Army demands war on the Humans.

Jowee who is afraid to see his species die willingly joins Wilfre to save them and win the war against Humans.

Joy and Josh however due to the fact they are peacemakers wish to bring peace to the war and stop it from occurring so that neither Humans or Raposa get hurt. They wait twelve years for Mike's real self to come back and then Mike regains the memory but war however begins. Joy then sets out to bring Jowee back to the team along with Mari.

She convinces Jowee by explaining Mike has the memory back and Mari by doing the same. They then return to Frostwind's Cave to hear the plan.

Mike explains that inside Wilfre's Fake Afterlife lies a deadly computer which causes Raposa to be turned into Shadows. If it is destroyed then the Raposa will turn back to their normal form and everything will be ok.

Mike explains that however Wilfre's Fake Afterlife itself IS the computer and so they will have to destroy the place itself for the Raposa to turn back.

While everyone is resting Jowee uses a Teleportation Rod to make the cave fall on top of Wilfre's Fake Afterlife.

This however is revealed to be a trap and that when Wilfre's Fake Afterlife is destroyed Reality will fall with it. Wilfre did this to trick the team into destroying the afterlife and his will be done. He created the impossible task.

Reality fades and the story ends with Joy crying.

Joy however one day wakes up inside a Cave with Jowee who reveals that they decided to fall into a coma to create their own world so that not all of reality would fall. Also that they could restore it using the dream as a base.

The duo find a portal inside their dreams and go through it. Which unsuspectingly takes them to Shadowcity Joy's hometown.

She reunites with Crosh her long lost brother who explains that he drained Jowee's life form in order to come back. He invites Joy to come back to the Shadow Team who however does not accept his invitation. Jowee manages to get his life back resulting in Crosh losing his.

A giant explosion occurs resulting in Jowee and Joy being trapped inside a Shadow Cloud but however in different places. Drew who was also trapped inside finds Jowee and the two decide to locate Joy. He draws to life a flying car in order to find her. They succeed and locate her but she is however with Crosh trying to convince him to be good.

Crosh vows to kill the three of them and finds himself a Shooter to do so. Crosh takes control of the Shadow Cloud and sets it to keep expanding until Drew, Joy and Jowee explode. Having no further choice Drew gets into the car and Jowee sets out a grenade to destroy the Cloud to save their lives. Joy however is reluctant to do this as she believes Crosh is good and that she can convince him to spare them. Instead of blowing up the cloud they should bring Crosh to the light. Jowee argues back that there is no time and cuts Joy's wings off to trap her in a cage which is inside the car. Drew flies the car away and Jowee throws the grenade at the cloud resulting in it exploding killing Crosh with it.

Joy gets very angry at this until Jowee unmasks himself to be Crosh. Crosh reveals that he switched places in time with Jowee who is now in his body and got out a grenade to throw it at the cloud and murder Jowee. Jowee is now dead.

Drew attacks Crosh cutting his wing and making him unconscious. The car then runs out of petrol and lands on an unknown island with a giant tower on it.

Heather comes out revealing that she lives in the tower as she is a spirit. And she has come to guide Drew to what he should do with Crosh.

Heather reveals that Crosh will kill a large proportion of Raposa and that Drew must prevent it by killing Crosh there and then.

Joy begs Drew not to but Heather lifts him high above her reach. Drew prepares to slice Crosh in half but then stops and suggests that they could just cage him. Heather looks into the future and tells them that they can keep Crosh alive and cage him instead but they must cut his arms, wings and legs off or else he is able to do no good. Drew agrees and cuts the body parts off.

During the journey home Crosh secret gets an assignment from Wilfre to destroy the remains of Watersong. Realizing that Drew and Joy will be a threat to his mission he regains his arms and legs using Shadow Goo and escaped the cage he is in. He then pretends to have learnt his lesson not to be eveil and flies away to start a new life. Secretly he flies to Watersong's reamins and blows them up while Drew and Joy are unaware that anything bad is happening.

Crosh goes to live inside a Shadow Puddle until Joy finds him and takes him into the ship. The team stay there together happpil and peacefuly.

To Be Continued..