Echo Homes is a small town on a hill in the Northern Raposa World. Many Raposa live there as villagers. The village is known to have many Raposa houses where the villagers live. As of 2014 the town is regarded as "dead" or "extinct".

Story Edit

In the village a tall Tower was built. This tower is named The Tower Of Babel. This tower was ordered to be built by an old mayor named Thoroine. Thoroine decided to build the tower to prove to the village that he was better then the Creator who could not do this task. Then he would receive equal respect the Creator achieved from his people.

After an entire year of building Thoroine halted the tower from being built any further. And the gates to the building construction were taken down. Many villagers had heard that many useful sources were used to build the tower and that they might go in and have a swing at some.

The first robber entered the building but could not take down the gate to the golden riches. It was heavily concealed. However after managing he was possessed by an evil Spirit. The Spirit which had possessed him took over Echo Homes and destroyed it.

It was then on known the real reason why the tower was shut from being built was because the Spirit wished to destroy the village and they had to take a sacrifice by halting the tower's construction to prevent it from escaping.

Bay's Book Edit

Raposa explorer Bay wrote a book after travelling the world and had a section on Echo Homes. She writes: "this village is by far the stupidest village I have come across. Despite the fact it is known for having good homes and there is plenty for all the citizens were so rude to me that they decided I was a foreigner and would therefore not get a home. I spent days on end inside a cave eating nothing but raw fish. I was and am extremely happy that the town has been taken down and the day I packed my bags is the happiest I have experienced through all my exploring."