Ford Is A Raposa Who Was A Drifter Moving Around The World. He Is Known To Be The Leader Of The Escape Of The Raposa Extinction.

History Edit

Ford Moved Around The World At Speed Paste In Order To Find A Home. He Was The First One To Discover That Mike Would Wake Up And Take The Raposa World Down. Ford Began To Panic. Soon Realizing That He Had To Escape Or Else He Would Die. He Began A Quest To Escape The Raposa World.

Ford Soon Found A Ring Which Was Noted To Be Able To Teleport. He Decided To Use It In Order To Exit The Raposa World Before The Appocalypse.

He Took A Few Crew Members With Him And Used The Ring To Teleport Away To Real Life. They Are Now Known To Live In An Unknown Location Away From Everyone Else. It Is However Confirmed That To This Daay They Are Alive. Whether They Will Be Found Is Unknown.