Mike is a Human who once entered the Raposa World. He never knew where he was nor whether he was himself. It is however important that Mike is a primaray figure in The Raposa World And All Its Existence.

History Edit

Mike was originally a boy who lived with his sister and parents. One day they went to the local carnival for a day out.

On the way back home the cars crashed resulting in Mike to be in a coma. This coma gave birth to The Raposa World.

Mike found himself in the Raposa Village unsure of where he was.

Wilfre an evil Shadow Raposa was the first person to discover this. He attempted to drain all the colour from the world in order to kill Mike and keep the Raposa world going.

His plans were however stopped by The Creator who managed to recolour the world.

Mike woke up and The Raposa World Was destroyed. While it is unknown if deaths were certain it is heavily implied.