The Northern World Is One Of The Four Constants Of The Raposa World. There is Also: western, Eastern and Southern Worlds.

It Is Known To Be The Most Populated Part Of The World.

History Edit

When The Creator First Drew The Raposa World Northern Citizens Got Along Well. All of them were known to be happy and forgiving. However When Wilfre Drew In The Book Of Life Darkness Spread Across The World.

At first the People Of Northern World Were Safe Due To The Fact The Darkness Couldn't Travel There.

However When Wilfre's Army Invaded They Attacked Citizens Resulting In Many Difficulties. The Crops And Banya Stopped Growing Causing Trouble.

A War Was Set Out Between The Two Species Which Was Won By Wilfre. Wilfre began ruling terribly over the Villages As An Evil Leader.

The Section Was Destroyed Entirely. Land Dissapeared And Every Villager Drowned. The Entire Section Was Wiped Out.

Villages Edit

  • Echo Homes
  • Pass Caves Village
  • The Hills
  • City Town
  • Manu City
  • Galactic Backup
  • Cave Rapo City

Trivia Edit

  • The Northern City Is By Far The Only Place Wilfre Managed To Suceed His Evil Bidding