Padua is a half-shadow raposa character created by user:Architect-visionary.


Padua is an adolescent raposa with an androgynous appearance. She has shadow covering the left half of her body. She has gold fur and short hair.


Padua was somehow consumed by shadows, but lost her memory. Her earliest memory is of waking up in a village full of strange raposa. At this time, Padua was already half-shadow. The raposa of this village were kind, and they gave her a name and offered her a home, but Padua was unable to live a normal life among the raposa. She was cast out because of her actions towards the other villagers.

Because of the shadow, Padua is sometimes distrustful of others and full of rage and cruelty. But since she doesn't remember her own personality before she became half-shadow, she doesn't know the full extent of the shadow's effect on her personality. She often wonders how much of her personality is because of the shadow, and how much is her true self. In addition, all of her emotions feel natural to her, including the negative ones.

Since leaving the village where she was found, Padua travels searching for her homeland, hoping she'll recognize it. On her travels, none of the places she visited seemed familiar, and no one she met recognized her.

Pada expressions


  • She likes to collect knives.