Preabet Is One Of The Few Survivors Of The End Of The Raposa World. He Is Known To Be Just Like The Others. And Helped Ford Prepare The Escape.

Story Edit

Preabet Was Born In Lavasteam. He However Faced Many Difficulties There. At First His Mum And Dad Were Miners Receiving Decent Pay For The Family. They Managed To Survive Out Of Luck.

However When Miney Went Mad He Forced The Village Into Slavery And Lowered Their Pay Due To Their Failures At Many Of His Requests.

Preabet's Dad Managed To Afford A Yacht Which The Trio Sailed Around The Raposa World In. Living On The Ship They However Faced Many Difficulties.

When Preabet's Parents Died He Fled To An Island Where Nobody Could Find Him. Soon Meeting Ford Who Visited Thinking He Was In A Village.

Preabet Allowed Ford To Stay In His Cave.

The Two Found A Hidden Laungauage In A Temple Recalling A Message. When They Learnt The Launguage They Discovered That It Said: "Kemi Kawa. Leave This Place. Kemi Kewa". They Discovered The Dark Meaning Behind This Of The End Of The Raposa World.

Preabet Gave Ford A Teleportataion Ring And Ordered Him To Get As Many Raposa As He Could To The Island So They Could Evacuate Before The Danger Occurred.

A Survival Crew Was Gathered And The Waking Up Bell Rang. The Ring Was Used And The Escape Succeded.

It Is Unknown Where They Are Now But Known To Be On Earth.