Stark is a Shadowbat and a member of Wilfre's Shadow Army and Circi's Rebellion Group Of Shadows. He is a energetic, happy, lively shadowbat who spends most of his time with his best friend Joy who looked after him from a young age and as they grew up they became close.

Biography Edit

Stark originally lived with his parents in Wilfre's Lair who were members of Wilfre's Shadowbat Army. When Drew entered the Shadow Lair he murdered them in order to gain access to Wilfre leaving Stark an only child.

When Wilfre was defeated Shadow Creatures build a town named Shadowcity where everyone in the army could settle down and live after their previous adventure. Joy met Stark and took him to an Apartment in Shadowcity to take care of him.

Joy and Stark were both members of Circi's attempt to revive her husband Wilfre which they only intended to do as Joy's dead brother Crosh would be bought back to life if her plans succeeded. When the plan failed Joy and Stark remained in Shadowcity for the Annual Feast where they eat mother Baki's every year.

When they were spying on Chef Cookie and Tubba at the Raposa Village Resturant the Secret Door's Colour faded resulting in Joy and Stark unable to get home. Stuck inside the Raposa World the duo witnessed the entire village's colour being drained by Wilfre. And so flied to the Pirate Beard's Ship in order to get away. Unluckily they accidently sunk the ship and were hit by the Turtle Rock. When the Raposa boarded the ship the two shadowbats snuck onboard to live in the Baki Basement.

Although being allowed to stay on by Drew who saw them while attempting to save Cindi from Baki's the Ship was going to another Island. Drew ordered that when they got there the duo got off and lived on the Island never to return. When the ship arrived they were thrown off the ship and lived in Watersong.

When Salem stole Rose's Voice the two were in danger of fading due to the fact the voice was locked away in the Abyss. They attempted to aboard the Turtle Rock again but were forced out at Lavasteam. Which they were then enslaved by the King Miney to search for Banya Crystals.

Depsite an escape to Wilfre's Wasteland the duo went in a Shadow Portal leading back to Lavasteam where they were enslaved again. Drew soon met them and felt regret seeing them work. And he let the two onboard the Turtle Rock for free to stay in the Baki Basement where Drew would look after them.