Sue Is A Young Homeless Rapogirl who is fifteen years of age. She Is Known To Be One Of The Few Survivors Of The Apocalypse In The Raposa World.

History Edit

Sue Was Born In The Raposa Village To Her Parents Olivia And Michael. However Soon Michael Died Causing Olivia To Fall Into Stress. Olivia Began Dating Another Raposa Called Barry Who Grew A Strong Dislike Towards Sue.

Sue Eventually Got Tired Of Barry's Bullying And Decided To Leave For A Fresh Start. She Travelled To Watersong Where She Started Again.

Sue Managed To Make A Homeless Friend Called Ford Who She Grew Up With.

When The Raposa World Ended Ford Was Given A Ring Which Could Teleport Anywhere In The Galaxy. Ford Took Many Raposa With Him Including Sue. They Then Escaped To Real Life Where Mike Woke Up.

The Remaining Raposa Now Live In An Abbandoned Island Which Has An Unknown Adress.